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We provide a comprehensive range of services.

Translation Services

Our English Department handles translation assignments of different purposes. Our chief translator, Ms Ye Yunshng, obtained her Masters in Translation Studies in 2004 from the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom. Currently, she is teaching Translation courses in UNiSIM. Other than translating documents and letters for individuals, Ms Ye and her team have also rendered services to a variety of companies as listed below:

  1. International Enterprises of Singapore
  2. The Management Council of Fu Lu Shou Complex
  3. Phor Thiong Koh Peng Association
  4. DEGW
  5. Autodesk
  6. The Patina, Capitol Singapore

Business English for Foreign Students

Teaching Business English to students requires a systematic, progressive and utility-weighted approach. At Jiang, we provide our learners with the tools they need to establish an overall understanding of the English Language, appreciate it and become comfortable using and leveraging on it.

The main areas of focus are, Current affairs, Oral presentations, Project work guidance and journal writing and Comprehension completion. Jiang offers wonderful opportunities for learners to be engaged, stay participative and above all interact with the facilitators and other learners. Our purport is to help them learn the language, speak the language and over time foster a love for the world’s global language of communication.

Teaching Chinese to Foreigners

We also provide extensive Chinese Language courses for foreigners living in Singapore. Courses have been conducted for students from Nepal, India, Germany and Korea.

Currently we are in collaboration with Essec Business School, providing a variety of Mandarin courses to their students

Mandarin Enhancement Programmes for ESSEC Business School

Jiang Education Centre is currently working with ESSEC Business School Asia Pacific, a leading European business school in Singapore. Jiang caters to the language needs of these overseas students and supports them in their cultural understanding essential for assimilating into this part of the world.

By offering 4 tiers of Mandarin Enhancement Programmes: Beginners, Lower Intermediate, Intermediate and Advanced levels to ESSEC students, Jiang fully equips them with practical conversational techniques for daily and business communication while cultivating a solid foundation of Mandarin which students can then consider for career advancement.

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